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Maximize your income potential by creating a revenue of income from the comfort of your home!
Do you:

  • Want to work from home?

  • Do you love working with children under 5 years of age?

  • Do you have children and want the reward of being present and still make money?

Let us help you get started.

Join the LYCB Program.

Launch Your Childcare Business is an intensive six week program that will share all the in's and out's of the business.

You will get a Guidebook with checklists, access to our private Facebook group, as well as weekly q&a sessions and so much more.

Kindergarten Guide

Provider's Hub

  • Providers Hub
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Yahya will share 3 Tips that are pivotal to launching your Childcare Business.
*Licensing varies per County & State!

Sharing the entrepreneurial way of childcare!

Who is  Yahya?

Yahaira, but mostly known as Yahya, Founder of LAUNCH YOUR CHILDCARE BUSINESS and Family Day Home Honey Bee Academy, LLC.

Went from teen mom of two to a successful business owner of multiple businesses.


She studied Sociology in Undergrad, and graduated Cum Laude from Bowie State University.

She has been a Business Owner for over 20+ years.

Has served as a mentor for entrepreneurs in other business professions.

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