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​"For any child, life remains a sea full of rich experiences just waiting to be explored." Natan Gendelman
Childcare: 4 weeks to 5 years old​ - 7a to 6p

Leaving your child(ren) with someone you don't know can be a difficult and nerve-wrecking decision to make.  As more children enter child-care in the early, tender years of infancy, the continuity of care between home and outside care is very important for the young child. 

We will make sure the transition is as comfortable as possible for you and your child during this time. You can be sure that we will try to understand and value your practices at home and  will strive to work with you to blend the two settings. 

We believe in providing quality care and it is important that we build trust, and a loving bond with your child. We also believe that having a good relationship and maintaining good communication with parents concerning how care is provided, is for the best interest of the child.


Considering all of these thoughts, we are sensitive, accepting, cooperative, and accessible to meet all of your child's needs.
Enrichment Clubs - 6p to 730p

There are various reasons to seek out academic enrichment programs, including:

  • to have some socialism among peers

  • wanting their child(ren) to hone in on their area of interest

  • allow for creativity to expand their minds

  • and so much more

We have created three Enrichment clubs for school age children.

  • Social Bug Club - allows for children to be able to have open conversation with different topics but with activities included to help with shyness and other ways to help them feel included as well as allow for their inputs and lead.

  • Science Club - allows for your little scientist to explore different experiments.  We will start each experiment with the hypothesis, predictions and end with our findings and conclusions.

  • Art Club - allows for your little artist to blossom, we will do art crafts and drawings that may get a little messy but all in the name of ART FUN!

Each club is $45 per week, and you are billed weekly via the Brightwheel app that we use.

Fee covers dinner promptly at 6p and all materials.

Overnight Childcare: 6 weeks to 12 years old​ - 7p to 6a

As we mentioned above finding someone that provides a safe and nurturing environment is a daunting task.  We are here even in the wee hours of the night to ensure that you do not have to stress over making sure your little one(s) is safe and getting the rest they need.

HBA: Kindergarten to 5th Grade - message for Academy Handbook

Unschooling Homeschooling method or VAVA K12 Program.  We will be your child(s) learning coach and ensure that they are proficient in their grade level that is comparable with Virginia's Public School.

Before/After care: 5+ (Elementary School)

Currently no openings.

24 Hour Care Available, Ask for details!
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