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Welcome 2024

Happy 2024 to everyone!!

We decided to use this format as our way to communicate our "news buzz" with you. New Year, New THINGS. What is happening with HBA and their amazing students.

Well first thing, we are losing some amazing little friends, this Summer. A few are entering a new chapter of their little lives, called the actual "SCHOOL." Kindergarten is coming...all too fast, for these young smart humans. We will be working a little extra while prepping them for their new venture. It isn't tomorrow but it'll come before we know it. AND then we have a couple of littles that are leaving the WHOLE continent of North America, to live on a little paradise called HAWAII. I do believe if WE all could go, they (we) would all be ecstatic.

We have invested in some tablets (the new way of learning) that we will start implementing in our morning learning. We are also adding BUSY bins to our centers. It will allow for independent exploration, such as writing, coloring, building, etc. but with structure of course.


Upcoming Events

PNO will be monthly on first Fridays. Registration and payment are now both done via our website.

We have launched HBA Experiences, and have our FIRST event coming up! We hope you join us for this one. Please share and stay tuned for the next event in March!

February is on the way in....and YUP we are taking V-Day pics.

Gianna is modeling some V-Day jammies for us. Mark your calendars, February 9th will be our picture day, please wear your best V-Day jammies. 🥰💛

Holiday jammy pics were a hit, so we are sticking with the jammy theme this year.

(I think) 🤣🤣🤣


With having the first snow early this week. We want to remind our families that we do not follow Prince William County Schools, but we will open two hours late to ensure that the driveway, walk way and stairs are cleared. You will know if and when that will occur.

Lastly, for our families that are on our wait list. We appreciate your tenacity, willingness and desire to be part of the HBA family. If you've read this far, you know that space is coming soon. Dates are still pretty sketchy as we are trying to finalize our rising Kindergarten exit plans as well as our moving family. We do have siblings that are baking and take priority on our list, so be sure to continue your search, for a good back up.

Once we know, dates as well as age we can accept (due to points), we will contact everyone from the top of the list on down.

It is our desire to still open our own center, and we are hopeful that it is THIS year. We will definitely keep you in the loop!



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