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The Joys of Outdoor Play in In-Home Childcare

In the intimate setting of Honey Bee Academy, we maximize our smaller outdoor spaces to provide immense developmental benefits for children in our in-home childcare. Here’s how we embrace the unique advantages of our setting:

Promoting Physical Health

Despite limited space, we creatively utilize our yard to encourage essential physical activities like running, jumping, and playful exercises. These help develop motor skills, coordination, and prevent childhood obesity, ensuring each child enjoys healthy development.

Enhancing Emotional Well-being

Outdoor play in our cozy environment offers a personal, less overwhelming space for children, making it ideal for emotional balance. Activities designed to provide a change of scenery boost mood and improve mental health, thanks to natural light and fresh air.

Building Social Skills

With smaller groups, Honey Bee Academy fosters close relationships and enhances social skills. Our outdoor environment allows for personalized interactions, helping children develop strong bonds and teamwork skills under close supervision.

Stimulating Creativity and Imagination

A smaller space doesn't limit creativity. Children at Honey Bee Academy use their imagination to transform our garden into adventurous playgrounds. From treasure hunts to small obstacle courses, they enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Connecting with Nature on a Smaller Scale

Even a small yard can be a portal to nature. We engage children with activities like planting gardens and observing insects, providing hands-on learning about the environment. This fosters a deep appreciation for nature and teaches valuable ecological lessons.

At Honey Bee Academy, we prove that a smaller outdoor area is no barrier to providing a rich, holistic developmental experience. Our approach ensures every child thrives, making the most of every square inch of our loving, nurturing environment.


Upcoming Events


Author Tawny Gizzi

So much going on, Friday, May 3rd!

We get to listen and read The Adventures of Sophie and Bego with Author Tawny Gizzi!

Super excited!

We will have our own copy, but if you would like to purchase your own, purchase below.


Muffins for Moms!

Our annual Muffin for Moms is on Friday, May 10th! Yes, yes breakfast to-go!

At drop off, grab your to-go cup of Joe, or OJ and a to-go Muffin.

And maybe a trinket from your favorite little person/persons.


We need reviews! PLEASE!!!



For our wait list families:

We have ONE full time opening coming up! I know the two families on our waitlist need two spaces, so unless something extraordinary occurs, we do not foresee any other openings until Summer 2025.

If you are interested in care, and haven't scheduled a tour - please visit our website to schedule a tour at your convenience.



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