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Potty Training Tips

First things first!! We want the little one to be as involved as possible in this process! ◦ Take them shopping for new undies and allow them to pick undies of their choice. The theory behind this…if they pick Mickey, they are not going to want to pee on Mickey's head-they will be upset. While you are there, grab sweatpants (girls- might have to go to the boy section) this helps soak up accidents!

◦ At home, make sure there is a potty or a stool to big people’s potty accessible on EVERY FLOOR! Yes, that might mean purchase more than one potty!

◦ Create a time schedule (I ideally would do this about a week before-to kind of pinpoint the body’s rhythm) BUT start as soon as we wake, we go to potty! And every hour on the hour! This especially works on a 3 day weekend with NO interruptions (yes, I mean STAY HOME). But if you can’t, transition to pull up (I don’t like them) if you have to be out, but as soon as you come home switch back. From every hour, go to two hours, and then three hours! The time schedule that you create the week before can help you assess whether you need to start with every hour or just jump to every three hour.

Here are some PRO-TIPS:

◦ Do not get upset, if accidents happen-there will be a lot of them! Your response, “oh no pee pee/poo poo goes in the potty”, physically TAKE THEM to the potty, to remind them, that’s where it goes. Even though the accident happened, SIT THEM THERE, as you clean up. It’ll be a reminder for them.

◦ After meals, wait about 10-20 minutes, sit on potty.

◦ During this time, do not allow drinks freely, but after drinks, wait about 10-20 minutes, sit on potty.

◦ No reward system!! Definitely a lot of praise and excitement! BUT at the end of a good week, go shopping! You did such a good job, we need more undies!

◦ We are doing good and venturing OUT with undies!! BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE, go potty! If you have a TRUCK, bring a potty with you (wipes, hand sanitizer and grocery bag for trash), the moment you hear, I have to go potty while driving! You pull over in a parking lot and you take your little one to the potty (back in so no one sees your little person go potty).

Let me know if any questions!!

Successfully potty trained -probably about 100 Littles!



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