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Happy March!

Happy Lucky Month!!

We have some fun crafts and a couple of experiments we are doing with the kiddos this month. One of our fun experiments involves milk and skittles - it is neat to see the colors and I am sure the children will ohhhh and ahhh.

Spring is knocking at our door - how exciting!!

OUTSIDE TIME is soooo much fun! We will get some much needed gardening in - also, our fairy garden needs some love. The bigger kids will probably help me with that project.

Last month, we were asked to help lift the spirits of a family friend of Gianna. The children decorated cards and it was hand delivered to this special person. The children understood that they were doing something special and kind for their friends' friend. (We did not go into any detail about the C word or anything beyond.) We received this pic below as she was very elated to cover her mirror with all the cards. We wish her the best during this time.

What else has been happening here....Oh, we are practicing reading everyday. Usually after nap time, where we are rested and able to focus. They should know the sounds: MMM, SSS, AAA, EEE, T, RRR, D, III, and be able to read these sounds/words (sounded out and put together): AM, SA, MA, EM, ES, ME, SE, AT, MET, MAT, SAT, RAM, SEE, E(a)T, RAT, SEED, SAM, SE(a)T, MAD, ME(a)T, RE(a)D. Make sure you follow our YouTube - I plan on adding videos to share sounding out the letters and putting them together.

We are also practicing our penmanship! See below! They absolutely love to write on the white board.


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Upcoming Events

PNO will be monthly on first Fridays. Registration and payment are now both done via our website.

HBA Experiences this month is ALL about our friend MARIO, and it is THIS Saturday! We hope you join us for this one. Please share and stay tuned for the next event in April!


The Buzz About Play: Why It's Essential in Early Childhood Education

Some have asked: why are we PLAY-BASED. Well, we believe that play is not just fun and games—it's a vital aspect of early childhood education. As passionate educators dedicated to nurturing young minds, we understand the profound impact that play has on children's development. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of play in early childhood education and provide you with valuable resources to support your child's play-based learning journey.

Why Play Matters

Play is not merely a pastime for children; it's their natural way of exploring the world, making sense of their experiences, and developing essential skills. Here's why play is so crucial in early childhood education:

1. Promotes Cognitive Development: Through play, children engage in problem-solving, critical thinking, and imaginative play, which are essential for cognitive growth.

2. Enhances Social and Emotional Skills: Play provides opportunities for children to interact with peers, negotiate roles, practice empathy, and regulate their emotions.

3. Fosters Physical Development: Whether it's running, climbing, or building, play encourages gross and fine motor skills development, promoting physical health and coordination.

4. Encourages Language and Communication Skills: Play-based activities stimulate language acquisition, vocabulary expansion, and communication skills as children interact with others and express themselves creatively.

5. Cultivates Creativity and Imagination: Play sparks children's imagination, allowing them to explore new ideas, experiment with different scenarios, and express themselves creatively.

Resources for Play-Based Learning

At Honey Bee Academy, we're committed to providing enriching play experiences that support children's holistic development. Here are some resources to inspire playful learning at home:

1. Educational Toys and Materials: Invest in toys and materials that encourage open-ended play and exploration, such as building blocks, puzzles, art supplies, and pretend play props.

2. Outdoor Play Equipment: Create opportunities for outdoor play with swings, slides, sandboxes, and nature exploration areas, fostering physical activity and connection with the natural world.

3. Books and Storytelling: Immerse children in the world of storytelling with a diverse selection of books that ignite their imagination, spark curiosity, and promote literacy skills.

4. Sensory Play Materials: Explore sensory-rich experiences with sensory bins, playdough, water tables, and sensory gardens, stimulating children's senses and creativity.

5. Music and Movement Activities: Incorporate music, dance, and movement into daily routines to enhance rhythm, coordination, and self-expression.

Join the Play Revolution

Join us in embracing the power of play in early childhood education! Whether you're a parent, educator, or caregiver, let's prioritize play as a fundamental aspect of children's learning and development. Together, we can create joyful, enriching experiences that lay the foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Remember, at Honey Bee Academy, every day is an adventure filled with laughter, discovery, and endless possibilities. Let's play, learn, and grow together!

Buzzing with excitement? Contact us today to learn more about our play-based curriculum and enrollment options.


Lastly, for our families that are on our wait list. We appreciate your tenacity, willingness and desire to be part of the HBA family. If you've read this far, you know that space is coming soon. We've been going through our waitlist, and you may have been contacted. If you have not been contacted as of yet, it is possibly because we only have ONE space coming available June 24th. And we have SEVERAL siblings on our waitlist. We wish that we had the capacity to take ALL the children but unfortunately that isn't the case.

It is our desire to still open our own center, and we are hopeful that it is THIS year. We will definitely keep you in the loop!



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