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Daycare Germs

Is your little one new to daycare? It is almost guaranteed that within the first two weeks, they will come down with one of the worst bugs you thought they would ever get. It will get better, promise. Your little one is entering a new space with new germs (lots of germs) that are unfamiliar to them. It is like they just entered the world of a petri dish. No need to fret, it is just for the moment. Give them their daily vitamins and some elderberry gummies to help build their tiny little immune systems, because they are going to go and grow through a world of sickness within TWO WEEKS. Runny nose, cough, sneezes - and it will hit you like a ton of bricks. Taking time off work, well because you can't bring your child back with a 102 temperature.'s in the Parent Handbook. But can't it mean teething? Or allergies? SURE, but we must take precaution especially this day of age where COVID is a thing. Rest assured that this is momentary and your life and healthy little one will be back to normal. Just note to ramp up those vitamins and immune building supplements right before your little one is transitioning into the world of Daycare.



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