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Next Generation Care

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We are very excited to meet new families and provide children with quality care here at HBA, formerly YBB (Yahya's Busy Bees)!

Education and social development is the core of HBA, but it is done all through play! 

Myself & Mr. J, are passionate about providing families with a safe and loving environment for their children to develop and grow.  

HBA provides endless opportunities for self-expression of love, understanding, patience, warmth, creativity, fun and simple joy. As a committed childcare provider, our soul purpose is to make children feel comfortable, happy, safe, nurtured and loved while here at HBA.


Hours of operations are from: 

M-F 7a to 6p or

7p to 6a

Sat: 7a to 4p

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The perfect solution for Busy Families!

Enrichment Clubs

Overnight Care


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No current openings, for day hours

(Tour to be added to wait-list)

Overnight care is suspended.

(Unless there is a change in demand.)

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